Some reasons to join clc

  • You get straight A’s in school, but feel bored or unchallenged.

  • You have learning differences that your school has not been able to fully address.

  • You want a more flexible learning environment.

  • You have passions you want to pursue but feel that school takes up too much of your time.

  • You feel lost within the social scene at school or are bullied.

  • You find the structure and values of traditional school confining.

  • You are a long-standing homeschooling teen who wants daily peer interaction.

membership benefits

  • Advisory Relationship with CLC Core Staff Member

  • Beginning, Middle, and End-of-the-Year Family Meetings with CLC Staff

  • Development of a Personal Education Plan

  • Group Classes with the CLC community

  • One-on-One Meetings or Tutorials with CLC Staff

  • Use of CLC space and resources for socializing and study

  • Invitations to all trips and special workshops

  • Support to design and complete private academic projects

  • Support to find volunteer work, jobs, and internships outside of CLC

  • Support to find learning opportunities with community-based programs outside of CLC


CLC charges a yearly membership fee. We do not receive any state or federal funding and rely on our fees, donations, and significant fundraising in order to provide our services and program. We are committed to being an economically diverse community. A family’s ability to pay our full fees is never the sole determining factor in the application process and we offer need-based fee reductions when necessary and when we are able to. If CLC seems like the best fit for your family, we encourage you to please be in touch regardless of finances.

Sliding Fee Scale is set at $7,500–$4,500 per year, with the following guideposts:

*Fees will be prorated for members who join in the middle of the year.

  • Full-Use Suggested Fee: $7,500 CLC is a primary part of the teen and family’s life. They attend 4 days most weeks.

  • Medium-Use Suggested Fee: $6,000 CLC is a regular part of the teen and family’s life. They attend 3 days most weeks.

  • Limited-Use Suggested Fee: $4,500 CLC is a limited part of the teen and family’s life. They attend 1-2 days most weeks.

We recognize that families will select their amount within this Sliding Fee Scale based on their expected use of our program and their ability to pay the amounts listed. Please consider that payments above the higher amount of $7,500 serve as “Sponsors” supporting our mission to welcome all interested families. Payments in the range of $4,500 to $7,500 will be treated as “Full” payments. Families that cannot pay $4,500 are encouraged to request a fee reduction.

three ways to pay

  • One Full payment at enrollment

  • Two Payments: Half down at enrollment; half in January

  • Monthly Payments: First payment due at enrollment, followed by monthly payments through May

Joining process

We accept applications and new members at any point in the year.

  1. Talk with Josh - He will answer your initial questions about CLC and find a time for an in-person chat. Feel free to be in touch even if you are not sure about CLC. He will help you decide if CLC is the right fit for your family. Email with your name, phone number, and any pertinent information and he will reach out to you.

  2. Visit the center - Come see the center, spend some time with us, meet some other members and staff, and get a feel for how CLC works.

  3. Fill out our application form - If your family feels that CLC is a good fit, the next step is to fill out our Membership Application Google Form or print our paper application and turn it in at the center.

  4. Hear back from us - Shortly after your application is received, a CLC representative will reach out to offer you a membership spot.

Questions? Email