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  • Canton Learning Collaborative is a Self-Directed Learning Center in Canton, IL that helps young people leave school using homeschooling law to improve their lives and learning, and helps existing homeschoolers sustain or improve their use of this approach.

  • Homeschooling does not mean your child has to be at home doing algebra at the kitchen table with you. It is simply the mechanism in the United States by which families and young people can stop using the traditional school system and take control over their own learning.

  • Self-Directed Education is education that derives from the self-chosen activities and life experiences of the learner, whether or not those activities were chosen deliberately for the purpose of education.

  • One of our jobs at CLC is to facilitate exposure to activities, classes, workshops, tutorials, and other experiences that learners can choose to become involved in.

  • We make it our goal to facilitate learning experiences related to any interest or goal a member of CLC may have. If they ask for a learning experience on any topic, we will do our very best to connect them to appropriate people and resources.

  • Learners are encouraged to teach classes based on their expertise and start clubs based on their interests.

  • Attendance, classes, activities, etc. at CLC are entirely voluntary. This is different from the traditional school model’s coercive learning techniques which often make students have to learn against their will and against their passions and interests. Our members follow their interests and passions to learn more about them and get a head start on finding their path in life.

  • CLC is not a school. It is more like a community center. We do not offer grades, credits, or diplomas, or require testing of our members.

  • All learners are assigned one of our core staff members as a personal adviser. They meet with the adviser each week to develop plans, discuss how things are going and brainstorm ideas for how to reach their goals in the program.

  • Staff help navigate next steps when members are nearing the time that they are ready to leave our program. No door of opportunity is closed to people who have chosen our method. All the same paths they would have with a traditional education are still available.

  • We trust learners to take control of their education in a way that excites and motivates them.

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