Canton Learning Collaborative


odyssey (ˈɑːdəsi) noun plural odysseys

CLC's Odyssey Program offers a positive and supportive place 

for young people to spend their after-school hours.

Self-Directed and Social Use of CLC Facility

Use our equipment and space to hang out with friends or work on personal projects in a safe and supportive environment.

Member-Driven Workshops & Classes

Propose workshops and classes on topics of interest, and we’ll work together to make them a reality. You help shape our programming!

Clubs and Groups

Connect with peers who share your interests and dive deeper into specific subjects through self-organized clubs or interest groups.

Mentorship and Support

Experienced facilitators available to offer guidance, support, and constructive feedback to help you overcome challenges.

Academic Tutoring

Need extra support in a particular subject? Odyssey provides access to qualified tutors to help you excel in academic pursuits.

Special Events and Field Trips

Get invitations to CLC’s special trips, game nights, movie nights, and social events.